April 20, 2024
Actors and Writers in America

Are you aware of the strike of writers and actors in America? Hollywood writers and actors are on strike simultaneously for the first time in more than 60 years. Since May 2, the Writers Guild of America has been on strike due to failed negotiations with Hollywood studios.

The Screen Actors Guild also joined the writers on strike on July 13 following unsuccessful negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.  They represent major Hollywood studios such as Netflix Inc. and Walt Disney Co. 

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In 1960, writers and actors went on strike together to demand compensation for movies that were shown on television. This was the last time the Writers and the Hollywood actors protested together.  

What Are the Writers And Actors Demanding? 

Hollywood Actors and Writers are on strike because of major issues in this digital realm.  They will only work once their demands are met. 

Are you wondering what they are demanding? Some of the biggest issues they are facing are listed below: 

Increase In the Base Pay

The writers and Hollywood actors demand an increased base according to their work. Both unions are not working collectively, which will lead the industry in trouble. The writers and actors also require the greatest share of the shows that appear on the streaming services. 

The writers and actors also claim their pay has fallen over the past decade. They are also demanding a 5% increase in the base pay for the that got hit on the streaming platforms. The actors also demand compensation for the auditions they record themselves. 

This is the primary reason for this collective strike, and they want this issue to be raised. SAG should take serious action on this issue. 

Excessive Use of Artificial Intelligence 

The other major reason for this strike is the increasing demand for AI, and they are taking it as a threat to themselves. Both the writers and the actors are demanding to limit the use of AI in the Hollywood industry. 

The excessive use of AI will generate scripts and even create movie scenes, taking over the jobs of writers and actors in the future. There is a debate between writers and producers about the use of AI. 

Both writers and actors know that if SAG and WGA didn’t limit the use of AI, then it would replace them both. As the producers claim, “Let’s meet once a year and talk about the status of AI and see where we are.” The writers and actors may face future troubles due to this statement.

Are the Strikes Affecting the Industry?

Yes, this ongoing strike of writers and actors badly affects US film productions. The Writers Guild estimates a loss of $30 million per day if the condition remains unchanged. The last writers’ strike was in 2007, which lasted 100 days. California’s economy faced a loss of about $2.1 billion during the strike. 

Entertainment or film industry companies faced challenges due to the strike. The companies started implementing layoffs and pay cuts to cut the additional costs. Some studios stopped or reduced payments to producers.

The strikes also limit film and TV marketing since SAG’s 160,000 members can’t promote projects in awards shows and other events. That includes promotion at live events like premieres, festivals, and conventions and virtual marketing on social media.

Delay in the Release of Future Movies 

This current ongoing strike can cause a delay in future movies as the writers and actors haven’t been working for the past few months. So, the new shooting is stopped till their demands are fulfilled.

Though some production on already written projects can continue during the writers’ strike, any remaining scripted domestic production has halted without actors. Due to this strike, some studios have already canceled their release of the unfinished shows.

This strike will also impact the release of the completed scripted content because the writers and the actors have not worked since then. 

Wrapping Up 

Are you wondering why writers and actors are worried about the excessive use of AI? Because the writers think that AI can generate the scripts of the movies and will replace them. 

Also, the actors think the studios will replicate their performance using AI. Through AI, they can even create whole movie scenes and will replace their jobs. This strike is good because they are asking for their fair share of their work.

The authorities should consider their concerns and should make any decision in favor of them.  The Director Guilds of America and SAG representative agreed to a contract that AI would not replace any of them.