April 19, 2024

Family law back in the day covered only cases of divorce in the United States. But modern-day family law has been updated and covers cases of child custody, restraining orders for domestic violence, etc. A family lawyer handles any issue or problem involving family relationships.

Family law attorneys have specialties. Some tend to focus on divorce cases, while some primarily focus on child adoption cases. They work as per their specialties in the field. This article will discuss the different issues under the family law umbrella. Read on to learn more.

Family Law Basics

Family law is separated into two categories. One category handles issues before or during a marriage, and the other addresses issues after a marriage. There are different lawyers for these categories, so your attorney will be decided based on the type of issue you have.

Divorce and Separation

In the United States, divorce is the most common reason why people contact family law attorneys. According to statistics, 40% to 50% of American marriages end up in divorce. Divorce is an overwhelming and complicated process in itself, but other areas that coincide with divorce cases are spousal support, child custody, marital property division, etc.

Laws for divorce vary from state to state in the US. Some states have waiting periods for divorce, while some states approve of the divorce immediately.

Child Support, Custody, and Visitation

If you and your partner share a child, you will be fighting for child custody along with the divorce. It may be processed along with the divorce proceeding; otherwise, it could be separately processed depending on the situation. More often than not, parents who are getting divorced agree on everything else but fail to agree in the case of child custody.

Child support cases require the single mother to provide proof of the supposed father’s paternity in order to be eligible for receiving child support from the father. A lawyer is a must in a child support case.

Adoption and Foster Care

Adoption requires lawyers with knowledge about the adoption process to ensure a more manageable process, as adoption processes can be time-consuming and complex. A lot of private adoption agencies have their lawyers they can consult to receive legal advice during an adoption process.

In cases of the parents having criminal charges, the child is often put up for foster care if they are minors. They become the ward of the state they’re living in.