May 22, 2024

In online casinos, jackpots serve as a potent incentive for players, offering the tantalizing possibility of substantial rewards. These jackpots, which have the power to turn everyday players into millionaires within mere seconds, come in various forms and sizes. However, before you try to participate in any kind of jackpot it is imperative to understand how they work.

Progressive Jackpots

Among the various jackpot types, progressive jackpots present a significant challenge for players, but they also captivate a steady stream of gamblers who vie for the prize. The mechanism behind progressive jackpots is straightforward. A portion of the profits generated by an online gambling company, such as fun88 (ฟัน88), with a 5% house edge, is dedicated to the jackpot, which may constitute 1% of the total. As players continue to play and lose, this contribution steadily increases, attracting more participants and driving greater profits for the house.

The jackpot value will continue to rise until a player successfully claims it, at which point the total prize money resets to a predetermined minimum, and the cycle repeats. Progressive jackpots are frequently associated with slot machines, and categorized as stand-alone or connected jackpots. In the stand-alone version, a single jackpot is linked to a specific game, while connected jackpots funnel into various games, often amassing substantial figures, drawing even more participants into the pursuit.

Hot Drop Jackpots

Hot Drop jackpots introduce a fresh approach to winning in online casino games, substantially enhancing players’ chances of securing a jackpot. This innovation provides real-time updates to players, informing them precisely when the jackpot will be up for grabs. The Hot Drop Jackpot comes in three variants:

  • Hourly Jackpot: As the name suggests, this jackpot becomes available every hour, offering players a frequent opportunity to win significant prizes as they monitor live updates.
  • Daily Jackpot: Players can participate in the Daily Jackpot once a day when they log into the game. While the prize money is higher than the hourly version, the same system applies, ensuring players have a daily shot at success.
  • Super Jackpot: Unlike the other two, the Super Jackpot doesn’t drop weekly; instead, it becomes available after four and a quarter day. It boasts the highest prize money, which continues to increase with each drop, making it a compelling option for ambitious players.

Regular Jackpots

In contrast to their progressive counterparts, regular jackpots offer fixed payouts, and they represent the highest amount a player can win in a specific game from an online company like For example, when playing slots, the fixed jackpot represents the maximum prize attainable after matching the correct combination of symbols. Winning the regular jackpot doesn’t impact its value; it remains constant without diminishing or increasing.

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the various jackpot types, you can try your luck at securing one of these substantial prizes available in the world of online casinos.