May 25, 2024

What are some of the most pressing global challenges of our times in developing countries? What does good governance and public management mean? What does the term shared public purpose in the real world mean?

These are the burning questions that you most probably will address when writing a public policy thesis: the discipline which citizens trust up to an aggregate of 63%, as reported by an OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Trust Survey.

The following chart, taken from the same source, shows you that the trust of common citizens in governmental policies is relatively higher in the UK.

In this article, we have gathered the tips that you must follow when you want to write the best public policy thesis. It will take effort, but your professor will be impressed nevertheless, and eventually, you will bag your desired grades.

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Let’s dive into the details of our topic now.

Writing a Stellar Public Policy Thesis – Secret Tips

Want to craft the best public policy thesis that impresses your supervisor and compels him to award you with an A+ grade? You are at the right place. First thing first, out of all the public policy thesis topics, you have to pick a topic that you are generally interested in.

Doing so will make you naturally enthusiastic about completing your thesis. The topics are generally related to research, military, education, healthcare, support services, and administrative services. Generally, your thesis topic can be related to these sectors of directives for public policy.

Examples of Public Policy Thesis Topics:

  • An analysis of the governmental policies regarding a chosen public sector
  • The critical evaluation and analysis of different political science decisions and their impact on society
  • Exploring the responsibilities and duties of different administrative units of government
  • Examining the difference in different categories of federal and state laws
  • The thorough investigation of the origin of various global political systems and the interdisciplinarity between them

Steps for Public Policy Thesis Writing

These five steps will enable you to write a top-class thesis that leaves its mark on the minds of the readers:

1. Define Your Research Questions

The research questions of your thesis must be defined and clear, and you should have sorted them out when writing a research proposal. The research questions can be argumentative or analytical in nature.

The difference between these approaches is given here:

Analytical Research ApproachArgumentative Research Approach
Here, you create a research question and then search for the relevant information that you can use to answer the question.Here, you search for debatable information and try to convince your readers about your point of view.
For instance, you can make an analysis of a newly introduced law and gauge its effectiveness in solving different social problems.For instance, you can compare and contrast the laws and legislations in different countries and describe their impact on local citizens.

2. Use Reliable Information Sources Only

The quality of your public policy thesis is highly dependent on the reliability of the sources you use in your work. Thus, before you start the research work, you should have figured out your primary and secondary sources of data.

The examples of the sources are given below:

  • Peer-reviewed journals
  • Official stats
  • Professional and critical evaluations
  • Physical books in the library of your university
  • Online repositories of knowledge

Remember that a good source lays the foundation for a well-developed thesis on public policy. Only this way you will be able to provide the readers with a full amount of relevant information that is pertinent to your topic.

3. Make the Outline of Your Thesis

Outlining the thesis saves you time and helps you finish your work in a more structured manner. When making the outline of your public policy thesis, you include the following elements in it:

a) Title

Here is your chance to impress the readers in one go. You must include a brief background of your thesis in this part. When crafting your thesis proposal introduction, you provide the readers with the context of your research work and tell them about why you are doing the research that you are doing.

b) Thesis Statement

The thesis statement of your theoretical framework shall include the main idea of your complete thesis. It introduces the main arguments of your thesis to the readers and sets the tone for the whole paper.

In the book Public Policy: A View from the South, the author Vishal Narain highlights the basic features of a good analysis of any public policy. It should be explainable, has a distinct causes and effects ratio and gauge its impact on the sector where it is implemented.

You must spend some time developing this large and informative sentence known as the thesis statement of your work. It must be clear and specific in its nature.

c) Body Sections

You must read the thesis handbook of your department before starting the writing process, as it will help you know the required number of chapters in your thesis. The literature review, methodology, and data analysis chapters must be backed with strong evidence.

Per the guidelines for writing policy papers issued by Stanford University, the conclusion section should reflect the concerns and aims of the policymakers.

4. Accurate Referencing

The importance of correct referencing in your thesis cannot be denied. When you are citing a source, make sure that you are following the right style guide for it. The most common citation styles used while writing the academic papers are the following:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago style

You can also choose to review a number of public policy thesis examples to see what citation styles are used by the dissertations submitted to your department.

5. Edit the Thesis

The policies you discuss in your thesis may be the ones that vary from year to year, so when you finish writing your thesis, you must revise the arguments you have made. Check to see if you have committed mistakes anywhere in the main text of your thesis on public policy.

  • The formatting of your public policy thesis should be on point.
  • There must be no grammatical errors in your papers.
  • Your thesis must be 100% plagiarism-free and original.
  • The main arguments of your thesis must not be copied from somewhere else.
  • The sources you use in your papers must be correctly cited and referenced.

Ensuring these qualities in your thesis will elevate its rank in the eyes of your professor, and you will achieve your desired grades in work.


Finally, concluding the discussion, you should follow these guidelines when writing your public policy thesis and rest assured that your professor will be impressed by the work you craft. You must make sure that you are well aware of the governmental policy changes that are made in your academic year.

Before submission, check the supportive facts and substantive arguments that you make in your thesis. Again, the reference list of your thesis should be arranged in an alphabetical order and must be organised neatly.

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