February 25, 2024

Car accidents can occur at any time while you are driving the car. It can be stressful for anyone to deal with injuries and car damages in a car accident. However, with the assistance of a good car accident lawyer, who has the knowledge and expertise in this field. Hiring a lawyer can be a daunting task and you can click here to know the best one. One of the challenging steps in a car accident claim is obtaining fair compensation and the time taken to wrap up the entire process. 

How much time does it take to get the claim amount?

This question does not have a definite answer because it depends on several other factors for all clients. The accident, injury and medical condition are different for every victim. Some of these factors have been discussed below:

Availability of evidence 

The major reason why these cases are complete or remain pending is the availability of the evidence. If you have collected them all on time or right after the accident, you will be able to get compensation quickly. The insurance company needs to validate the evidence before rewarding the compensation. The evidence includes a police report, medical report, bills, photos and videos, CCTV footage and other documents. 

Involvement of the negligent party

Another important factor is the share of involvement in the accident. If you were partially involved in the accident, the claim may get delayed because the attorney of another party will also assess all the possible ways to reduce the claim on his side and increase the amount on your side. Your attorney will also play a vital role if you were also at fault at the time of the accident. 

Assessment with the insurance company

Many times, insurance companies take more time to review the claim because they may hire experts from outside or send them to your home to review vehicle damages. They may delay the review process deliberately or unintentionally but it will take some time with them.

Possibility of litigation

If negotiation is not possible between parties, the lawyer will decide to file a lawsuit against the insurance company or another party. Preparing for the case and filing in court will also delay the whole process. Your lawyer may expedite the process in court to get you compensation on time.

It is good to stay updated throughout the case and let your lawyer handle things.