April 19, 2024

Using a MacBook is a delight, especially when it comes to its great portability and amazing features. However, as time goes by, you will notice that the device is heating up, and in some cases the fan noise becomes very hard to deal with. But why does that happen? We are here to help you identify what generates that fan noise, while also sharing a few ways to fix it!

Why does the MacBook fan get very loud?

There are many reasons why the MacBook fan becomes very loud. Usually, it has to do with running resource-intensive apps that can end up requiring lots of CPU and that generates heat. Naturally, the MacBook will try to push all that hot air away, hence the issue. However, it can also be due to not using an official adapter. Or it can be due to the room temperature being very high, which can lead to these issues too.

Improve the overall air circulation

Make sure that your MacBook’s fan can function properly. Any obstructions like pillows or a variety of materials can end up now allowing adequate air circulation. And when that happens, you will end up with problems. Improving the airflow will also help slow down the fans and thus remove the fan noise issues.

Close memory and CPU-intensive apps

Sometimes that noise comes from apps that require way too many resources. The best approach in a situation like this comes from entering the Activity Monitor and then sorting apps based on CPU usage. Once you know that, you can stop those apps and maybe you can find some alternative to those resource hogs.

Use an official adapter

If you’re not using an official adapter, that can be a problem because unofficial adapters can end up leading to battery problems. Not only that, but it might even damage your battery and increase the overall temperatures within your MacBook. The best fix is to always use only official adapters. Sure, they are more expensive, but you can avoid costly repairs down the line.

Clean up your MacBook

Aside from software cleaning, some physical cleaning also helps. Remove all the dust and grime from your ventilation system, and you will notice a clear decrease when it comes to the fan noise. Having the device opened by professionals and getting it cleaned can also help prevent problems.

Once you identify there’s a noise coming in from your MacBook’s fans, it’s very important to take action. If you just leave it the way it is, that can lead to severe issues down the line. The best thing you can do is to just try and use these ideas one by one. See what works for you, maybe start with a proper physical cleaning to remove all the dust and ensure that your device is not full of dust mites. Then after that, you can tackle any software issues to ensure everything is fine. That way, you can finally tackle the fan noise and keep it under control!