May 18, 2024

Saunas are becoming increasingly popular for their many health benefits, including stress relief, improved circulation, and detoxification. With the growing demand for home saunas, there is now a wide variety of indoor sauna kits available on the market. These kits offer a convenient and cost-effective way to have your very own sauna in the comfort of your home. But with so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know how to customize your indoor sauna kit to fit your specific needs and preferences. In this article, we will discuss some design ideas and options for customizing your indoor sauna kit.

Design Ideas

When it comes to designing your indoor sauna, there are endless possibilities. Here are a few design ideas to help get you started:

  • Traditional vs. Modern: One of the first decisions you will need to make is whether you want a traditional or modern-looking sauna. Traditional saunas typically have a wood-paneled exterior and use an electric or wood-burning heater to heat the rocks that create steam. On the other hand, modern saunas often have a sleek and minimalist design with features like glass walls, LED lighting, and infrared heating.
  • Size and Shape: Indoor sauna kits come in various sizes and shapes to fit different spaces. You can opt for a small corner sauna if you have limited space or go for a larger rectangular-shaped one if you have more room. It’s essential to consider the size and layout of your desired location before choosing the size and shape of your sauna kit.
  • Materials: The type of wood used in your sauna is not only crucial for its durability but also for its aesthetic appeal. Cedar is a popular choice due to its natural resistance to moisture, insects, and rot. Other types of wood commonly used for saunas include hemlock, spruce, and basswood. You can also choose different types of finishes, such as clear or stained, to achieve your desired look.
  • Bench Configurations: Saunas typically have two-tier bench configurations with the upper tier being hotter than the lower one. However, you can customize the number and placement of benches in your sauna kit to fit your preferences and needs. For example, if you plan to use your sauna for yoga or meditation, you may want a single lower bench instead of two.
  • Lighting and Accessories: Adding lighting features such as LED lights or sconces can enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of your sauna. You can also choose to include accessories like towel racks, magazine holders, and cup holders to make your sauna experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Options for Customizing Your Indoor Sauna Kit

In addition to the design choices mentioned above, there are also various options for customizing your indoor sauna kit:

  • Heating System: As mentioned earlier, traditional saunas use a wood-burning or electric heater, while modern saunas often have infrared heating. Infrared heaters heat the body directly, making them a popular choice for those who find traditional saunas too intense or uncomfortable. You can also choose to have your heater mounted on the wall or placed on the floor, depending on your preference.
  • Doors: Sauna doors are available in different materials and designs. You can choose between solid wood, glass, or a combination of both. The type of door you choose can greatly impact the style and look of your sauna.
  • Additional Features: Some indoor sauna kits come with additional features, such as a built-in music system or an aromatherapy dispenser. These features can enhance your sauna experience and make it more enjoyable and relaxing.

Tips for Customizing Your Indoor Sauna Kit

Here are some tips to help you customize your indoor sauna kit effectively:

  • Consider Your Needs and Preferences: Before making any design or customization choices, it’s essential to consider what you want from your sauna. Do you want a traditional or modern look? What size and shape would fit best in your desired location? What accessories do you need for a more comfortable experience? Answering these questions can help guide your decision-making process.
  • Research Different Options: With so many options available, it’s crucial to research and compare different indoor sauna kits before making a purchase. Look for reputable companies that offer high-quality products and read customer reviews to get an idea of their experiences with the kit.
  • Consult with Experts: If you’re unsure about which design or customization choices would work best for your specific needs, it’s always a good idea to consult with experts. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their knowledge and experience.


Customizing your sauna kit indoor is a fun and exciting process that can help you create the perfect home sauna for relaxation and wellness. With the various design ideas and options available, you can customize your sauna to fit your specific needs and preferences. Remember to consider factors such as size, materials, and additional features before making any design decisions. And don’t be afraid to consult with experts for guidance and advice along the way. With a well-designed indoor sauna kit, you can enjoy all the health benefits of a sauna in the comfort of your own home.  So why wait? Start customizing your indoor sauna kit today and experience the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.  Happy saunaring!