May 18, 2024

Applying to colleges is understandably stressful for students and their parents. As a student, the college you choose will have a substantial and lasting impact on your career path. There’s no doubt that you won’t want to end up settling for a college that simply can’t support your career goals. At the same time, it’s also crucial to consider fees, location, reputation, facilities, and other essential factors. 

So, if you are feeling lost and uncertain about where to get started, here are five reasons why you should reach out to Erin Goodnow, a college admissions consultant.

Determine The Best Selection Of Colleges

It’s vital to apply to more than one college, even if you are confident that you meet the approval criteria. If, by some chance, you aren’t accepted into the one college you applied to, your academic year ahead will be put on hold indefinitely; you won’t be able to apply to other colleges at the last minute. 

College admissions consultants can round up a selection of colleges that complement your career goals and your location requirements. You won’t need to compare college programs, fee structures, or other factors because your consultant will recommend the most suitable schools. 

Building A Compelling Resume

College admissions consultants can also build professional and compelling resumes that properly highlight academic achievements, community involvement, and other relevant details. With the right resume and authentic essays, your chances of acceptance increase dramatically. 

A Smooth Application Process

College admissions consultants know how to guide you through the application process while highlighting early application opportunities.

These professionals will also assist with crafting the most compelling and personal statements and authentic essays for your applications. These essays are often the detail that determines whether or not you will be accepted, so it makes sense to lean on a professional when drafting application essays. 

Test Preparation

Even if you handle written tests well, college admissions tests are incredibly stressful. Fortunately, college admissions consultants will help you prepare for the SAT or ACT tests and recommend study plans, resources, and tools to improve your scores.

Interview Preparation

As if entrance tests weren’t stress-evoking enough, students must also complete an entrance interview to determine if they will be a good fit for the school and vice versa. These interviews can be even more stressful than the SAT tests. The future of your education and career will weigh on whether or not you can make a positive and lasting impression on the interviewer. 

College admissions consultants will also prepare you for the application interview. Not only will you be able to practice common interview questions and suitable answers, but you will also know what to expect so that you can walk into the interview with unwavering confidence. 

College admissions consultants can help you craft the most compelling application and boost your chances of acceptance to the college of your dreams. Instead of struggling through the admissions process alone, relying on these professionals is highly recommended.