June 12, 2024

There’s nothing better than having a space of your own where you can be creative and make it an extension of yourself. If you are thinking of revamping your bedroom, you can start by investing in signature pieces and then working around them. 

One of the best purchases you can make this season would be a cream rug. It will be the missing piece that makes your whole interior come together. 

How to choose the perfect cream rug?

Now that you have made up your mind about using a cream rug you need to pick the perfect kind first. 

Pick the right dimensions

When you are picking a rug, make sure you keep your bedroom dimensions in mind. You can also choose a large rug that covers the whole floor or you can pick one for just the space

Pick the right design

Sometimes, you might end up picking the right color but the design might not go with the interior you already have. Make some notes, figure out your style, and then pick a rug.

Using these tips will help you find the perfect cream rug for your bedroom. 

How to style a cream rug?

Cream rugs are versatile because of their color. You can pair them up with anything and it will turn out to be good if you follow a good decoration scheme. Here are some ideas for styling your cream rug in your bedroom that will make the space feel cozier and more homely. 

1. Put it under your desk

You can pick a comfortable rug that goes under your desk. This is perfect if you work from home or use your desk a lot. Your feet will be able to rest on something warm and soft, and it also helps with comfort. 

2. Place it in front of your dresser or vanity

This will be perfect for you to sit and do your makeup, get ready for a night out, or just rest. This will also give extra space for you to have people to sit on. 

3. Create the illusion of a bigger room

Place a large cream rug under your bed, so that it spreads out on both sides. This will keep the bed in place, and also add a layer of depth to the room. You can then style your bed in matching cream bedspreads and throw pillows, and there you have it – an island of your own, curated according to your taste right in the middle of your room!

4. Place it half under your bed

You can also choose to place the rug a little under your bed, and then use the remaining space to place your nightstand, table, or mini dresser. This way, you will have differing textures in your room, the one on your floor and the one on the cream rug.

5. Make it an extension of your bed 

Align the rug with your bed, and place it in such a manner that it covers the remaining floor after where your bed ends. 

You can then get out of bed and step on something comfortable and start your day on a soft, fuzzy note, or a rug in this case. 

6. Get a small rug just for your feet

You can get a small rug to place by your bed, and it will still do the job of covering some floors. You can also choose multiple cream rugs with similar designs and place them all over the room, and keep furniture on them. This will keep the furniture in place as well.

7. Get a full-size rug 

If you want to line your entire floor, we recommend getting a full-length large cream rug. The best part about such rugs is that you can have a fully covered room. It also helps with posture and gives your feet a rest. 

8. Create a space for yourself.

You can align a rug against a wall, across your bed. Accessorize it with cushions, throw pillows, and a nice lamp and you have your own seating space. 

9. Layer up

If you are of the maximalist kind, or you like to create specific looks, you can pair up multiple cream rugs in differing patterns and details to come up with a nice look for your bedroom. 

10. Cover all the remaining space with rugs

If you want to have warmth in your room and don’t like the feel of floors, you can just align multiple rugs and place them in the free space. This is easier to clean as well. In winter, the rugs will trap heat and make your room warmer as well.


We hope these styling tips will help you choose the best rug from our wide collection of cream rugs. When you style your space in a way that brings you comfort and makes you feel at home, you feel much better. Browse Miss Amara catalog and figure out the next look for your bedroom!